Project Consultants

Brian Horsley, International Business
Tracy Kuramoto, Interactive/Technology & Production
Alexis Lukas, Evaluation
Brian Massey, Web Conversion
Tanya White,Organizational Structure
Nora Bedard, Peru Programs
Ashley McIlvain Moran, Director

Brian Horsley, International Business (Cajamarca, Peru)

Brian Horsley served on the Board of Directors for DiscoverHope from our inception in April 2006 until November 2009, with two years as Board President from 2006-2008. Brian is President (COO) of Sovereign Global Marketing (SGM), a Nevada-based company that serves as an import export international investment banking firm specializing in mining and energy with 5 years experience in Peru. Brian is from San Diego and works and resides in Cajamarca, Peru, guiding the operational development for SGM’s projects in Peru, including cacao cultivation in Northern Peru. Brian helps guide the work of DiscoverHope through his specializations of nonprofit program building and management, international business, and Peruvian culture.

Tracy Kuramoto, Interactive/Technology & Production (Chicago, Illinois)

Tracy began his career as a graphic artist and agency designer who enjoyed pushing the technology envelope. When the Internet boom got underway, Tracy founded his own company focused on information architecture, user experience and Web site design. He teamed up with other technology specialists to form a series of partnerships offering consulting services to major advertisers and agencies. Today, Tracy is regarded as a leading technology consultant who provides clients with end-to-end digital solutions.

A note from Tracy: I had been busy working in the advertising / marketing industry for 20+ years. When I was hired as a consultant, I realized I had made a career for myself. For the longest time, I’ve wanted to give back to others who didn’t have the opportunities I did. But for almost as long a time, I used work and all the other things I had going on in my life as a reason I couldn’t do anything.

An introduction through a mutual friend had me on a phone call with Maggie. We immediately identified some needs DiscoverHope had where I could help. Many projects later, and I’m here with my bio on your website. I’d been following the growth of microcredit lending for a while. Learning about organizations like Kiva, the Grameen Bank, and great people like Muhammad Yunus. When the chance to help an organization doing good work like these people was presented to me, I had to jump at the opportunity.

What I’ve learned about my work with DiscoverHope, is how much I like working with not-for-profits. Coming from a part of the most extreme side of capitalism, advertising, it’s been fulfilling on so many levels to be able to put my myriad experiences to good use. Some day I’d like to go to Peru and meet these amazing people.

Alexis Lukas, Evaluation (San Diego, California)

Alexis served on the Board of Directors for DiscoverHope from our inception in April 06 to Nov 08. She specializes in evaluation and health promotion and works with Director Maggie Miller to create output planning and evaluation for DiscoverHope. Alexis Lukas has a Master’s in Public Health focused on Health Promotion from San Diego State University and currently works as an Evaluation Specialist for the Institute of Public Health at the SDSU Research Foundation. She has more than 6 years of nonprofit program development and evaluation in the nonprofit landscape in San Diego.

Brian Massey, Web Conversion (Austin, Texas)

With fifteen years of online marketing experience, Brian Massey has designed the digital strategy and marketing infrastructure for a number of businesses, including his own technology consulting company. He founded Conversion Sciences to transform the Internet from a giant digital brochure stand to a place where people find answers to the problems they need to solve. His practice has shown dozens of companies how to use online strategies to engage their visitors, to anticipate their questions, and to grow the company in the process. Brian writes about Behavioral Marketing for ClickZ and authors The Conversion Scientist blog at Brian is the author of The Market for Me: Surviving Job Loss and Building a Lifetime Career Network. He lives and works in Austin, Texas where life and the Internet are hopelessly intertwined.

A note from Brian: To paraphrase an old truism: Give a woman a fish, and you feed her for a day. Teach a woman to fish and you feed her for a lifetime. Teach a fisherwoman to build a business and you feed a village. This is why I give my money and my time to DiscoverHope. I know a portion of my gifts get reinvested year after year, and that DiscoverHope is investing in a sustainable benefit for the people of Cajamarca.

Tanya White, Treasurer (Austin, Texas) November 2008 – Present
Specialization: Organizational Development, Management

Tanya boasts 4+ years of management level experience at Dell Inc., and currently works as a Senior Strategic Programs Manager supporting customer base in North and Latin America. Tanya is originally from Toronto, Canada; she has an undergraduate degree in Sociology from the University of Western Ontario, complemented by post-graduate work in IT, a certificate in Adult Education and a Project Management Professional designation.

A Note from Tanya: Besides the obvious (like a desire to help others and giving back to the community), I give my time to DiscoverHope specifically for two key reasons: 1) to contribute to the vision of our future. As a young and growing organization, the entrepreneurial spirit is strong. It is fantastic to be a part of shaping what we’ll be when we grow up and the impact we want to have; 2) the passion of everyone involved. This group almost sucks you in! Once you meet Maggie, and all the volunteers, it’s impossible not to get magnetized and attracted to the passion and commitment of what we can accomplish.

There is something unique about the way we work together which I have not experienced anywhere else. We have a pure and unwavering commitment to one goal, without egos or ulterior agendas crowding the path to success. This purity of focus enables us to accomplish tasks quickly and with confidence. The added layer is that we all genuinely enjoy and respect each other. There is a range of deep intensity to our conversations, right through to boisterous laughter! We openly accept and celebrate our unique contributions to achieving our goals. Lastly, learning about the lives of women in Peru has brought me deep gratitude for the abundance I have enjoyed in my lifetime.

Nora Bedard, Peru Programs January 2011 – Present
Specialization: Field Program Development and Management

Nora Bedard is a core part of our Microcredit Plus model program creation, serving tirelessly in Cajamarca, Peru as our Field Program Manager from Dec 2007 – Dec 2010. On the ground in Cajamarca working with our beneficiaries, Nora coordinated and facilitated more than 800 educational and technical trainings to support loan recipients. She is loved by so many people in the Andes Mountains! Nora continues to be part of the fabric of our organization and serves as a volunteer Program Project Consultant to Desiree as she builds the next generation of our program model in Peru.

Nora completed her MSW in Madison, Wisconsin where she worked as a Social Worker in a growing community health center. Prior to completing her graduate studies, Nora served three years with Peace Corps Guatemala as a community health promoter and Crisis Corps in the Dominican Republic as a HIV/AIDS Educator.

A Note from Nora: I was initially and continue to be drawn to DiscoverHope because of the organic nature of the institution. DiscoverHope works by listening to the voices of the same women we support and creating opportunities from their own voices. I firmly believe that people in poverty don’t need a hand-out; they need a sustainable support to assist them on their personal path of success. I believe my work here in Cajamarca has provided and continues to provide women with opportunities they would otherwise not have. I give my time and energy to DiscoverHope because I have heard the stories of pain, struggle, and triumph among the women we serve, and know that little successes create steps to changing lives and changing attitudes and ultimately giving hope for a better life.

My work with DiscoverHope has taught me that development work is hard. I cannot control the decisions that our women make in their businesses and lives; but I can give them choices and open doors that weren’t available to them before. DiscoverHope has also taught me that development work takes time. When I witness a women beam with pride after more than a year of literacy classes and newfound knowledge at her fingertips or another women share her business success and dreams I know my presence and patience has purpose. I am eternally grateful for the door that DiscoverHope opened for me as a professional and a person, as it has lead me to re-examine my small place in the world and also lead me to my life partner.

Ashley McIlvain Moran, (Austin, Texas) August 2009 – present
Specialization: Advocacy, Media, Democratic participation

As president of Pragma Consulting, Ashley supports civic and political institutions in designing tools for advocacy, public participation and communications. Previously, she led programs and trainings to help build democratic institutions and women’s participation in countries in the former Soviet Union, and has also led political party trainings for women in Iraq. She has a masters degree focused on comparative law and development economics.

A Note from Ashley: I was drawn to DiscoverHope’s focus on empowering women to move themselves and their families out of poverty. DiscoverHope has an approach that is unique in the field of microcredit, providing not just loans but also artisan and business training that helps these women succeed. This focus on sustainability and participant-led programming all speak to my own sense of what real progress in development means.