Who We Are

DiscoverHope is a non-profit organization that promotes abundance and entrepreneurship for impoverished women through microcredit, education and training.

Our Vision Statement DiscoverHope stands for a world without poverty.

Our Mission Statement DiscoverHope is on a mission for women in poverty to create their own prosperity through microcredit, entrepreneurship, and training.

Our Model DiscoverHope has a dual approach to poverty alleviation – microloans plus training. We provide access to credit and develop the entrepreneurial training our loan recipients request in order to grow their businesses. We invest in the potential of those we serve.

Our Values

  • Igniting Personal Power We believe that everyone has a fundamental right to give their greatest strengths to the world. We know that when a person is inspired to light their internal and external power, the world changes. Stepping through the door of opportunity takes initiative and courage and commitment to continuous learning. We believe that out of this amazing work, self respect creates a backdrop for constant growth. In turn, future generations see this powerful way of being and integrate this strength into the fabric of their communities. We believe in being change.
  • Practicing Authenticity We believe in the sanctuary of integrity and know that our actions resonate out into the world and constitute the type of world we want to help create. We practice authenticity by reflecting what is true for people through listening and actions that honor the foundation of people’s passions. We believe in being awake.
  • Promoting Abundance We believe that once personal power is nurtured, the vitality of the entrepreneurial spirit is liberated. When the doors of opportunity are open, we can usher in a life of abundance. This core value is rooted in absolute love framed by compassion and generosity that expands to children, communities and the world. We believe in being hope.

Our commitment to organic development

DiscoverHope begins from the bottom roots up – with the dreams and desires of the women we serve. This program goal is based on the passion, entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and the fundamental needs for love, respect, quality and beauty found in every community. It maintains that every object we use…is the result of passionate people transforming their talents and visions into good work. This model of development supports the creation of wealth from within your community by nurturing the intelligence and resourcefulness of your people. In order to do this, we follow four steps:

  1. We ask them, “Do you want to be helped and if so, HOW?”
  2. We learn their culture and language (macro and micro)
  3. We sit with them and don’t talk, but listen
  4. We connect them with the appropriate resources to accomplish what they want and need