Our Partners

THE PARTNERSHIP TEAM: The work of our promotoras

DiscoverHope partners with Multicredit, a Peruvian nonprofit, to assist with our microcredit work. Our village bank promotoras (“promoters”) travel extensively from village to village to engage directly with loan recipients, facilitating loan repayment meetings, delivering business assistance talks, and working with the women on an individual basis to achieve success.


Since 2008, DiscoverHope has provided over 1,650 loans. We have funded over 3,250 development trainings related to business assistance, literacy, computer, and artisan skills. Through our Microcredit PLUS model, the lives of over 800 women and 3,000 family members have been permanently transformed for the better.

(Our microloan team, Juana, Oswaldo, Desiree, and Bertha)

(A village bank loan payment meeting)

Knowing that our work coupled together would be much more powerful for the women who want to lift themselves out of poverty, DiscoverHope and Multicredit work in cooperation. By joining with a local partner that shares the DiscoverHope mission and vision, we are able to implement our model of combining microcredit with training and education.

Our work is based on developing this Microcredit Plus model in the community, focused on depth of work and community ownership. Through our microcredit partnerships in Cajamarca, we are poised to eventually allow our community partners to recycle the microcredit money on their own. DiscoverHope is working with a leadership group of beneficiaries to create long term plans for the HopeHouse development center, knowing that it will be operated fully by women leaders in the next three to five years. We hope that the generation of 200+ beneficiaries we are assisting will become natural teachers for all the skills they have learned along the way.