Microcredit Plus

DiscoverHope’s dual approach to poverty alleviation – microloans plus training – is what makes our model so unique and successful. We go beyond microloans and develop entrepreneurial training to invest in the potential of those we serve. For an in-depth look at the results of our work in the field, download our 2013 Annual Report

Since 2008, DiscoverHope has provided 1,650 loans. We have funded over 3,250 development trainings related to business assistance, literacy, computer, and artisan skills.  Through our Microcredit PLUS model, the lives of over 800 women and 3,000 family members have been permanently transformed for the better.

Micro-loans for Macro-dreams DiscoverHope provides small loans ($150 on average) to invest in the entrepreneurial courage of women so that they may create prosperity for their families and communities. Most of the beneficiaries do not have any form of collateral and do not have access to traditional credit. We work with groups of beneficiaries called village banks to give small, reasonable loans that are paid over a period of five to eight months. Loan payments cycle back into the organization and provide contributions in the form of subsequent loans and new loans for more women. They do the work – we help ignite their dreams. Learn more about Microcredit

Education and Training DiscoverHope champions the development of every woman with training and educational support for entrepreneurial, financial, and personal goals. We honor the amazing potential in every woman by asking her what she wants and needs. Classes have traditionally included literacy, health education, artisan, culinary and business-skills development. Our intention is that women will pass these new frameworks for thinking onto their children, families, and communities. They become power agents of true change because they are ready and willing to lead their transformation.

How our Model is Different Microcredit has recently gained popularity as an effective tool to provide sustainable support for nations in poverty by the Grameen Bank, Kiva, and many others. What differentiates the DiscoverHope approach is our commitment to engaging women in the systematic WHOLE of the Microcredit Plus Model. Using the “teach a person to fish” analogy, microcredit is the “fishing pole” and the trainings are the opportunity to learn “how to use the fishing pole.”

DiscoverHope enhances microcredit by supporting development in the communities where we work through championing the intelligence and resourcefulness of the people. We ask our beneficiaries what they need to grow and we help them obtain this support. We advocate for systematic change that focuses on depth and quality of life. We believe that when credit is accompanied by relevant support, our beneficiaries can truly lift themselves out of poverty and pass new frameworks for thinking onto their children and families. We are committed to the deep quality of our work and personal connection to the needs of the individual.

As opposed to casting a wide net that reaches hundreds of thousands, we concentrate our efforts on the success of the families we work with and invest in the community. We know each woman and her family; we know that the loans are being invested in a business; we know the stories of that journey. DiscoverHope invests time learning what the women want and need. We are more than a simple loan. We are a pathway out of poverty towards personal prosperity that impacts entire families, communities and generations. Indeed, the creation of wealth comes from within and we are focused on creating an entrepreneurial framework for those in poverty to actively participate in their own economic advancement, personal empowerment, and life transformation.