Hope House

A gathering place where women walk through the doors into their own power.

A loan, by itself, does not equate success.  In DiscoverHope’s unique Microcredit PLUS model, the “PLUS” is education. By combining loans with learning, women play an active role in their abundance

Founded in 2008 with the support of our generous donors, DiscoverHope opened HopeHouse, our women’s development center near the town square in Cajamarca, Peru. Our affordable classes teach skills to strengthen existing businesses or provide ideas to start a secondary income generating activity (Particularly for those women engaged in seasonal businesses, we encourage a second activity to provide year round stable income.)


Hope House Staff & Curriculum

HopeHouse is a vibrant central learning space with ten experienced, popular team instructors.  HopeHouse offerings range from very basic to advanced and include trainings such as jewelry making, culinary, computer skills, sewing, crochet, family wellness, and business development.

For members in remote villages, attending HopeHouse classes is a challenge due to travel time and expense. In 2011, DiscoverHope expanded our curriculum to bring HopeHouse into rural communities through our two most popular classes: Crochet/Knitting and Business Assistance.

We believe that if a woman invests in herself, she will  value that investment and nurture it even more.

Our affordable education empowers smarter business decisions, problem solving and innovation. Due to wide ranging educational levels, teaching techniques include games, role play, and picture learning. For each class, the women pay half the cost of their instructional materials while DiscoverHope covers the rest of materials, instructors, and childcare costs. The handUP mentality is a crucial component of our model.

The 2013 Results 

  • 451 Additional Loans Borrowed
  • $99 Average Individual Savings Per Cycle 
  • 880 Trainings Offered
  • $6,130 in Reported Earnings from Trainings
  • 100% Loan Payback — Maintained since 2008

To learn more about HopeHouse, read our 2013 Annual Report.