What We Do

DiscoverHope creates dignified solutions for women in poverty through our Microcredit Plus Model. By combining loans with learning, we provide access to credit as well as access to knowledge. We believe that women in poverty have the potential to lead and to take charge of their lives. The impact of these efforts positively affects communities for generations, creating a legacy of hope. We currently work in Cajamarca, Peru and are working to create a second Latin American work site in the future.

Loan Women are able to start and grow their businesses with access to capital through microcredit (small loans of about $150)

Learn Women request training on the skills they need and we create the classes

Lead The women step into their own positions of power within their village banks and through our leadership training

Legacy Starting, growing and owning a business positively impacts the women, their families and their community – it’s hope that lasts for generations

We believe in organic development “from the roots up” beginning with the dreams and desires of the women we serve. The focal point of our work is to facilitate enterprise and develop the resourcefulness and intelligence of women. We honor the value and potential in every person, especially those born into a cycle of poverty.

The greatest lesson of successful international development can be summed up in one word – LISTEN. By being present in the community, we have deep knowledge about the needs of women in poverty in Cajamarca, Peru. Each year, DiscoverHope collects feedback from the women about their participation, discoveries and needs. This is what the women tell us that they want and so it is what we create:

  • Opportunity to access credit without needing a history of collateral
  • Safety and stability in credit borrowing
  • Creation of jobs and micro-businesses
  • Increased income
  • Building collateral through participation
  • Working toward economic independence
  • Educational opportunities for personal, business, finance
  • Health education and clinical support
  • Home infrastructure improvements
  • Overall improved standard of living
  • Increased financial security for family
  • Increased self-esteem and personal power

For an in-depth look at the results of our work in the field, take a look at our 2013 Annual Report.