Seeds of Hope Society

The Seeds of Hope Society is a group of inspired people who lay the foundation for our work — now and for the future.  Membership begins at the $1,000 level per year. Corporate matches and in-kind gifts contribute to your Seeds of Hope Society level as well.

In order to grow our programs, our village banks, and our ability to foster opportunity for women in more communities, we need to create a solid foundation.  We ask you to commit to support DiscoverHope annually so that our organization can grow steadily and sustainably.

Review our financials and annual evaluation, celebrate the progress you have contributed to, and join us in building lives infused with hope.


We extend our deepest gratitude to our Seeds of Hope Society members

9066 Productions, Tracy Kuramato
Steven Ayers
Amber & Joe Bennett
Alan & Brenda Blake
Steve & Mary Bolen
Phillip & Tam Braithwaite
Amy Bryant & Palo Chalupka
Gregg Burt
Courtney Clark
Sara & Colin Clark
Judy & Paul Cotter
Dell Foundation
Stephanie DeBrow & Ryan Dishaw
Hector Dominguez
Rip Esselstyn
Chris Gilbert
Alejandro Grana
Kevin Greenblat
Harris Hill Raceway
Hart InterCivic
Erin Hinzmann & Mike Ryan
International Foundation
Julie & Steve Jones
David Kramer
Jaime Leasure
Douglas Mazina
Greg & Tracy McCreight
Chelsea McCullough
Maggie Miller
Walter & Barbara Miller
Ashley & Sean Moran
Munck Wilson
Elizabeth Ramirez
Pedram Salek
Jennifer & Joe Sigmund
Kevin & Teresa Smith
Renaye & John Thornborrow
Javier Valdez
Steve Wanta
Whole Foods Market
Donna & Dan Wilkins
Trey Wolslager & Jennifer Sturdivant


DiscoverHope is a 501c3 organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.